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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  February 17, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EST

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good morning. taking a live look at tower cam. if you can see anything down below, it's little bit foggy as we start your day today. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. time to get things started this morning with a quick check of the weather and tucker barnes. good morning to you. >> good morning. it is a mighty bit foggy out there across parts of the area. that radar i'm showing you right now is showing you the dense and fog.
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the oranges and reds indicating visibilities less than a quarter mile in spots. once we get rid of the fog, it will be a beautiful friday with sunshine. we've got to get through the next couple of hours here with the fog. temperatures, 41 degrees. humidity, 96%. your forecast for today, breezy at time this afternoon. sunshine, high temperatures in the 50s. so it should feel pretty good later today. speaking of fog, that is my head. back to you guys. >> i can hear it. thank you. two federal agents shot and killed at a federal building in california and another wounded. an agent with immigration and customs enforcement shot another agent. he later died but it is not clear if he died from a self- inflicted wound. a well-known journalist who
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once worked in d.c. has died. he died in eastern syria while on a reporting assignment. he suffered an apparent asthma attack. he worked for the "washington post" between 2003 and 2009. whitney houston's ex- husband bobby brown made a stop right here in town last night. brown performed with his band new edition at the showplace arena in upper marlboro. during his show, brown talked about whitney and thanked fans for their support during this hard time. a concerning report for parents of small babies from a dartmouth college study. it finds eating organic may not always be the best way for your baby's health. >> the new study put out by dartmouth college shows brown rice syrup could contain dangerous amounts of arsenic, up to six times more than the environmental protection agency considers safe for the water
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supply. the study also finds elevated levels of arsenic in cereal bars, energy bars and drinks known as energy shots used by endurance athletes. while researchers point out arsenic occurs in several forms, some are more dangerous than others. the majority of arsenic the researchers found was inorganic which is generally thought to be more harmful than organic arsenic. medical experts say there needs to be more long-term studies to determine what amount would be a real risk to human health. >> if your child has been exposed to brown rice syrup, i am not concerned. having said that, we need to make discerning choices going forward of what kind of sweetener, if any, we're going to use in our infant formulas. >> arsenic can be found in the outer shell of rice which is removed to make white rice or brown. doctors say brown rice absorbs natural arsenic from the soil and that arsenic is not removed
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when the rice is used to make all of these products. researchers recommend people would eat a lot of rice and rice products should vary their diet. parents who use baby formula with organic brown rice syrup should limit their counsel consumption. nsumption. the u.s. food and drug administration has no regulations in place for arsenic levels but says the agency has been monitoring for arsenic content for more than 20 years. we still have plenty ahead, your weather, traffic and all your top stories. >> fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts right now. good morning. friday, february 17th. that is the tower cam. or that is a lot of fog. we really can't see what it is because it is so foggy outside right now. yesterday, we had some
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sprinkles. today, we've got the fog. and over the weekend, tucker has more surprises for us. >> i know. good morning. i'm sarah simmons i'm wisdom martin. let's talk about those surprises with the man with all the answers, or at least some of the answers. >> if i only had like winning lottery numbers, i would be all set. >> fog wouldn't matter. snow wouldn't matter. >> let's kick it off with the fog. we have a dense fog advisory for the district of columbia, prince george's county, most of southern maryland and much of south central virginia until 6:00 a.m. there is your dense fog advisory. what it is saying is visibilities are less than a quarter mile in many spots and you will encounter that when you head outside. i drove in route 50 through prince george's county and anne arundel county and i could not see in front of my car. the visibilities greatly reduced out there. now, let's do our next map. a little bit of cloud cover out
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there, the dense fog at the surface. 39 at dulles. 39 at bwi marshall, our forecast for today only gets better and better. after the morning fog burns off, bright sunshine. it will be a beautiful day. winds out of the north and west. 53degrees your daytime high. 55 in fredericksburg. no sense that there could be any winter storm this weekend later today. >> we are talking about fog, snow possibly over the weekend but it will still be 5 # today. >> get out and enjoy. >> thank you. before we get to julie, we have a traffic alert to bring you early on this friday morning. a deadly crash has closed the inner loop of the beltway just after connecticut avenue. the accident happened around 3:00 this morning. we know a tractor-trailer and car were involved in this crash. let's get the impact from julie wright. she has the latest on the roadways out there. >> all right, you guys. you are right. the inner loop is shut down. that is my trip into work as
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the inner loop of the beltway is closed off at connecticut avenue. we don't see any traffic at all here. i noticed a lot of people were coming off the ramp staying to the left to go back north on connecticut avenue trying to work their way back over to university boulevard or what have you. some people can go southbound on connecticut avenue, pick up 410, the east-west highway. use that as an alternative route as well. outer loop, lanes are open. no problems to report leaving college park to 270. >> thank you. meanwhile, we are following some breaking news this morning out of forestville, maryland. a toddler is in the hospital clinging to life after getting caught in a house fire. this happened on the 6100 block of hillmar drive early this morning. first floor of the family's two- story town house caught on fire. the father, mother and a 9-year- old child got out safely. but the younger child did not make it out with them. firefighters were able to rest cute child from the house and
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put the fire out. the child is in the hospital in critical condition at this time. in southern california, a federal immigration agent who shot and injured another officer was killed when a third agent shot him. this happened at an immigration office in long beach last night. the shooter died at the scene. and the wounded agent is in stable condition in the hospital this morning. a well-known journalist who once worked in d.c. has died. anthony shodit died while in eastern syria on an assignment. the time says he was gathering information on the resistance to the syrian government. he is said to have died as a result of an asthma attack. sth whitney houston's ex- husband bobby brown was in town last night. the singer just performed with
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his group new edition in upper marlboro. he opened up the concert with a tribute to whitney houston. ey bobby brown was back on stage with his band. he thanked his family for their ongoing support. >> you'd like to say thank you, period. >> brown and in good spirits performing a song with the group before addressing the crowd. he told fans life is life and sometimes have you to move. many who came to the concert came with heavy hearts but were glad to see brown with new edition performing during a difficult time. >> my heart goes out to bobby bound and his family. i hope he can pull through this. i think it will be a hard show for him. but i'm sure he'll come with the energy that he always has.
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>> i feel bad for him. i really do. >> meantime arab publicist has confirmed bobby brown did not get an invitation to houston's private funeral. we know aretha franklin and stevie wonder will sing at oust newark police say streets will be shut down for six square blocks around the church to keep fans away. now to a story you will see only here on fox 5. spotsylvania county police are looking for a pair of gunmen caught on camera robbing a cash checking business. surveillance shows what happens once the manager opens the door. first gunman surprised him if behind. a second gunman later and. the manager was tied up but not seriously hurt during this. the gunman got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. former prince george's
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county executive jack johnson is scheduled to turn himself in tomorrow to begin serving his seven-year sentence for extorting hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes. prosecutors want him to pay a $100,000 fine before going to prison. according to the washington times, prosecutors say johnson has the money to pay the fine. but last month, he asked to defer payments until after his prison stie. vegas on the potomac. that is exactly what prince george's county executive rushern baker is proposing as a way for the county to make money during tough economic times. he put forward the idea of a casino at national harbor. we couldn't find much opposition when we talked with people at national harbor last night. >> i think it is saw some. it brings business back in here. it keeps people local and so they're not traveling to dover or whatever.
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juror appear analysis found a casino at national harbor could generate nearly $29 million in gaming revenue for prince george's county. the developers of national harbor put out a statement last night supporting the casino idea but there is plenty of opposition from the county's religious leaders and nearby neighborhood associations. well learn more when county executive rushern baker joins us live at 7:00 this morning. deadly attacks in syria possibly orchestrated by al- qaeda. why a change of power in syria might present more problems. stay with us. time now is 4:37. 
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the sounds of bagpipes filled the air in alexandria thursday. part of the funeral procession to honor a fallen medic. joshua weissman was laid to rest, mourned by his family, friend and thousands of firefighters, medics from around the country. he died lost week after he fell
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from a bridge while responding to a car fire on 395. checking more headlines, maryland del -- delegates say they are prepared to consider a handful of amendments. several delegates committed their support for the bill this week. the underwear bomber will spend the rest of his life behind bars. he plotted to blow up a plane bound for detroit on christmas day twoip and he was sentenced thursday. he called the bomb a blessed weapon to avenge muslims worldwide. during the sentencing hearing, prosecutors showed a video showing a detonation of a replica of a device he tried to use. more than 130 nations vote to condemn syria in the united nations general assembly. the vote thursday backed an
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arab league plan calling for the syrian president to step down. top american intelligence officials are worried that al- qaeda terrorists could be operating inside syria and warn it might take advantage of a pure vacuum if syria's president is forced out. another 70 people reported killed just yesterday in sir. >> the army is now assaulting another city. a surprise for some students visiting the white house. plus more on the deal to extend the payroll tax. that is coming up next. tucker is following our big story which is the weather and fog. >> you got it. we got fog this morning. we'll have a beautiful friday and all eyes focus on the weekend forecast. i'll have details on this and julie wright will have details on your traffic coming up after the break. you see the fog there in virginia. ♪ ♪
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that is such a cool shot. >> that is cool. >> this is a shot above the fog. this is our tower cam. so eerie, that is actually the tower there on the right blimping. the moon on the left. look how pretty and eerie that is at the same time. -- that is actually the tower there on the right blinking.
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the fog blanketing a lot of the area really. >> yes, with all that moisture at the surface and when we cool things off this time of year, we often get fog development. this is the story for the next couple of hours as we have a dense fog advisory for the district until 6:00 in the morning. then it will burn off. >> wisdom want to get down to business. and the sunshine will return and get back into the 50s. today will be an absolutely beautiful day. the start to the weekend should be nice too. >> then things get more interesting. still a lot of question marks. >> the start of the weekend will be nice. i caught the keyword there. >> can we go to hd radar real quick. there you go. den fog has developed here inside the -- dense fog has developed here inside the
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beltway. visibility is 1/4 mile or less in spots. the fog is really thick out into prince george's county. just be ready for it. good news is it will burn off as mentioned. we should be in for a decent day. in fact, a beautiful day with temperatures back in the 50s and a lot of sunshine. let's do temperatures now at reagan national. we are in the 40s. 41degrees. 37 at dulles. 37 this morning in manassas. good morning to you. 41 at leonardtown where you've got a lot of fog as well. sentinel radar. we are fine. we'll clear out. we had a few light showers during the day yesterday. didn't amount to much. we are watching the makinged of our new storm system down here down towards houston. it will get its act together for the next 24 hours or so. it will start to move in our direction late in the day and saturday during the night.
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still looks like a combination of rain changing to snow on sunday and the timing now look like it will be a little later department might arrive early sunday morning, be with us during the day on sunday, and night. we still have a lot of questions but we have the potential if light to moderate snow. look like temperatures will be university cold enough by sunday afternoon we'll be able to flip it over to snow. sunshine, mild, breezy. no snow in the forecast. 53degrees. cheer and chilly overnight. 34 your overnight low. increasing clouds with a high temperature of 50. there is your rain changing to snow on sunday. again, got to watch the track of that system to see how strong it gets. president's day, 39. that will be your forecast for now. let's go to julie wright. before we do that, want to remind you about the fox 5 weather app. you can get it for absolutely free. we have like 50,000 downloads. everybody is talking about it. we'll be tweeting all weekend
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long on it giving you the latest updates in our thinking with what will be happening with our storm. go to marketplace if you have a droid or go to the apple store and can you download it for free. the fox 5 weather app. all right. let's have julie right do her part. good morning, baby. my voice is still a little deep. >> just a little. just a little like barry white. we are talking about a crash which occurred on the beltway inner loop between connecticut avenue and georgia avenue and the wreck is under investigation and it closes this portion of the beltway at connecticut avenue. so that is why, on this inner loop, you will not find any traffic headed east of connecticut avenue and around towards georgia avenue. instead, all traffic is being diverted off of the beltway at connecticut avenue. the accident activity occurred back in the 3:00 hour involving another vehicle and a tractor- trailer. one of the vehicle caught fire. you will find again that the investigation is lengthy and ongoing at this time. traffic coming off the inner loop of the beltway heads op
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toen con avenue from there and then it branches off. when i came through there is the line to go northbound was considerably longer than the line to go southbound and out towards 410. depending on where you need to be, 410 could be an alternate route for you at this time. if you hit the beltway at jackie joyner kersee avenue to continue around towards new hampshire avenue, you do so well past the accident scene. -- if you hit the beltway at jim moran avenue to continue around towards new hampshire avenue, you do so well past the accident scene. the government -- as georgia avenue to continue around towards new hampshire avenue, you do so well past the accident scene. nt scene. on to the economy now and the payroll tax cut. con is getting red you to vote
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on extending it later this morning. virtually certain to pass the house but in the senate, some lawmakers oppose some parts of it. tom fitzgerald has the latest on the negotiations. or on a capitol hill conference table, lawmaker signed off on the deal that continues payroll tax cuts and jobless benefits. house speaker john boehner said negotiators had little help from the white house. >> the agreement that has been reached to stop a tax hike to middle class americans is a fair agreement and one that i support. >> reporter: if congress did not reach a deal, payroll taxes on 160 million americans would have risen march 1st. a person earning $50,000 would pay $1,000 in new taxes. democrats credited public pressure. >> that we have unemployment compensation extendedded for a number of weeks, respectful of the needs of our workers who are out of work through no fault of their own. >> reporter: the deal extends
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unemployment benefits for poem out of work the longest through the end of the year and avoids a 27% slash in federal reimbursements for doctors who treat medicare patients. >> boehner did the smart thing which is to get this off the table nine months before the election. >> reporter: it is said republicans want to avoid a rerun of the late twifn standoff in which the white house attacked the gop. >> he did the smart thing now because he robbed obama of a general election issue. it will be over. >> reporter: the deal will not be finalized until president obama puts his signature to it. he has promised to do that before the end of the month. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. some white house tourist got the shock of their lives because guess who was home. first lady michelle obama. she greeted them all and gave out lots of hugs.
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mrs.obama told the children there would be a pop quiz about their visit. a couple of the gorals were kind of teary eyed. >> i saw their faces. they were like oh, my goodness. it's the first lady. >> it would be pretty cool to just by chance go past her. let's talk about food now. it turns out eating some organic food my be hazardous to your health. >> the latest on the study linking arsenic to some organic foods including infant formula. we'll have details on that on the other side. 
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a consumer alert for you now. a fotopoulos lahr candy bar is getting a little smaller. mars candy is pulling the plug on its 500 plus calorie king- sized snickers bar. the rope for it, part of a new health initiative. mars will cut trans fats and reduce sodium in products by 25%. the cost of an airline
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ticket is jumping again. this time, jetblue airways and southwest airlines are leading the charge boosting fares by $10 per round trip. united, delta and u.s. airways quickly followed suit. a health alert now about a hidden danger in some instant formula and organic foods i'm new study reveals high levels of arsenic in some infant formula and cereal bars made with organic brown rice syrup. arsenic is a known carcinogen and yesterday we spoke with dr. oz about the finings. >> the study from the dartmouth folks reveals numbers that are several times higher than we have in drinking water. >> brown rice absorbs natural arsenic from the soil. researchs are recommend people who eat a lot of rice and rice
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product should vary their diets. an acc showdown in college park. up next, two teams clinging to hope of getting invited to a post-season tournament. we'll have the highlights coming up. first, time for our my fox half off deal. this one is delicious food from the fresh greek grill. $15 for one appetizer and two platters or pay $10 for $20 worth of food. anything on the menu. that is a great deal. go to and click on the my fox half off icon. we'll be right back. 
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number 10 georgetown visits providence tomorrow night. the hoyas are 9-4 in the big east, tied for fourth in the the conferenceen a top four spot is important because it garb tease a double bye and a spot in the tournament. but john thompson iei wants his players focused on providence and not on the standings. >> if we take care of what happens next, when the regular season is over with, we'll see where we stand. we're in the thinking about five games left, double byes. we are thinking about providence. >> a sad note from the sports world. gary carter, the hall of fame catcher who became a world series hero with the new york mets has died from a brain tumor. he was only 57 years old. carter was an 11-time all-star and three-time golden glove oner. his bottom of the 10th single l


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